Doctor Acknowledged Vaccine Injury (Autism)

Let me share you my story. I have a little girl who was developing normally and was healthy. Things started to change right after she got her MMR shot. At about one year old she lost eye contact and socially became absorbed in her own world. As a responsible parent, I suspected the shot, even though my pediatrician said it’s not related. As I responsible parent I halted vaccinating for the time being. About a year later I was pressured by my pediatrician to continue vaccinating. I naturally hesitated but finally agreed to give a DTaP (after all the MMR is the vaccine said to trigger autism and I never heard that there is an issue with any other vaccine), So regretfully I went along with my doctor’s advice.

With all the therapy we have done we had seen an improvement. But as soon as she got the DTaP she had a major regression. WOW, a double coincidence. I stopped vaccinating completely & BTW I have the full backing of my pediatrician.

I am 100% sure that any studies claiming that vaccines don’t cause autism are flawed. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

You can print my story but please omit my name I can also speak to Rabbonim about my experience.