App. H – How Profitable is the Vaccine Industry? cont.


Gardasil 9 Vaccine was Merck’s 3rd best selling pharmaceutical product in 2018 with sales of over $3 billion, up 37% from 2017. The combined MMR
-Chickenpox vaccine and one for pneumonia were 4th and 8th highest sales, up 7% & 10% respectively. See earnings and info in the image at the right.See Mercks’ 2018 SEC filing and also ‘Unprecedented’ demand for Merck’s Gardasil drives monster Q3.

The slides to the right, from the WHO’s (World Health Org.) Global Vaccine Market Features and Trends , show that. despite being a small proportion of all pharmaceuticals, the vaccine market has a phenomenal growth rate of 10 -15% per year vs 5-7 % for pharmaceuticals. Regardless of popular thought, vaccines are becoming an engine for the pharmaceutical industry, and are huge money makers.