Appendix O – Religious Exemption – Do you really want to give that up?


NY has already and NJ is planning to remove the religious exemption, and mandating the HPV vaccine (NJ Bill) (NYS Bill), produced as Gardasil, for both girls and boys, starting at age 9,, may not be far behind. Some strains of HPV (a sexually transmitted disease) may cause ovarian cancer in women in mid-life, well after vaccine immunity would have waned. According to Dr. Diane Harper, Dr. Diane Harper, who was a lead researcher in Merck’s Gardasil clinical trials and is also a practicing OB/GYN,90% of all HPV infections clear up within 2 years without doing anything. Of the few remaining, only a small percentage may go on to become cancer. Regular pap smears will detect the virus early and can be treated successfully. The vaccine has not been proven to prevent ovarian cancer.

It is also important to note that Jewish women, in general, have very low rates of cervical cancer and women who keep taharas hamishpacha (according to Rabbi Dr. Moshe Tendler), even lower.