Appendix U (cont)- A critical lesson from the Ukraine


Why did the vaccination rate drop in the Ukraine after 2008? This drop started after the MMR vaccination was made voluntary in 2008 by the Ukranian Ministry of Health and the President of the Ukraine following the death of a boy eight hours after he received the vaccine and the hospitalization of 100 other students.

“…This comes after more than 100 pupils were taken to hospital, one of whom died after having been injected with a vaccine from India.

“By Friday night a total of 87 people had been admitted to hospital with the same symptoms: high blood pressure, splitting headache, high temperature and sore throat.

…“…As more gruesome details about mass vaccination come out into public light, more Ukrainians are turning away from vaccinations. Some data suggests that the number of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children has grown two or three-fold this year, and even more in Kyiv [Kiev].”

That same year (2008), the US “vaccine court” awarded $250,000 in compensation to the family of a 1 year old girl who died from the measles vaccine in 2006.

“Madyson got the vaccine at the Pediatric Center in Springfield on May 12, 2006. Her parents submitted medical evidence that the MMR vaccine is the reason Madyson died 6 days later.

“Attorneys for the Department of Health and Human Services Friday settled with the family for liability.”

UPDATE 4/9/2019
There is a real danger that the tens of thousands of vaccines recently given to our community will cause measles and C”V death. Naturally, that will be blamed on those that choose not to vaccinate. Consider yourself forewarned.

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