Appendix K – Specialist vs general practitioner -who do you go to?


No one who has a specific disease will rely on their general practitioner for treatment. Everyone will seek a specialist. And if someone ch”v has cancer they would not hesitate to fly out to another state or another country to find a doctor who specializes and has success with a specific treatment for their type of cancer.

Doctors do not receive training in vaccinology or immunology unless they specialize in these fields. They receive education about the vaccine schedule and some basic information about vaccination for a few days at most.

Learning a specialty typically requires a few thousand hours of additional training, research, and reading to become expert in that field. Most doctors who have not spent significant amount of time investigating the science and statistics behind the vaccine programs rely on the CDC guidelines. This is why when people say that Rov doctors agree on vaccines and vaccine mandates, it is actually only one voice (the CDC’s) being repeated by Rov of doctors.

The only question that is valid in this discussion is: “What do the specialists have to say?” As far as I can see, it seems that the majority of specialists (not including doctors with vested interests), who receive funding independent of government agencies and pharmaceutical companies, are for vaccine choice.

If I can choose my own doctor or specialist for other medical issues, why can’t I choose the doctor I want to rely on when it comes to vaccines?