Appendix M – Alternate Shailos for a Posek – Part 1


1. Vaccine developers encouraged women who had Rubella to abort their babies because they were certain to be horribly deformed. Turns out the first 26 did not have Rubella so it took until the 27th abortion to find a fetus with Rubella that they could harvest (RA27-3). They are continuing to abort fetuses for new vaccines in development and even abort them using a process to keep them alive as they harvest the live tissue needed.

a. So are you allowed to kill someone in order to reduce the relatively minor risk to others of getting an illness? And if not, are you allowed to benefit from those that died.

2. Assuming someone has really spent the hours researching the science and has concluded to the best of his ability that there is a very real risk of damage to every person getting the vaccine, even if this is a Safek because most doctors believe it is safe:

a. Are they Mechuyav to take the vaccine?
b. Are they allowed to take the vaccine?
c. If there is some danger, are we allowed to force a Katan to accept risk to help other people?
d. Is a school allowed to potentially destroy a child’s life by kicking them out?
e. Is a doctor allowed to dismiss them from his practice?
f. Are you allowed to speak Lashon Hara about a person who does not vaccinate based on the above?
g. Are you allowed to denigrate them?

Alternate Shailos for a Posek – Part 2

3. Are you allowed to degenerate Rabbonim who Pasken not to take the vaccine by saying that they are
making a “ridiculous argument”?

4. Is a Rav allowed to Pasken on vaccines without hearing both sides?

5. Is it appropriate for a Rav to tell an Avreich that he should give his wife a get over vaccines; and then advised him to vaccinate the children behind her back? (Name of Rav available if needed L’Toeles)

6. Is it proper for a Rav to turn his chair around to face the other direction and tell people coming to explain the other side that he won’t look at the them, and they have five minutes (same Rav)?

7. If a Rav reviewed all these details and determines that it is assur to take a vaccine, and thus writes a legitimate religious exemption, and the law of the land is to accept religious exemptions, does a yeshiva have an obligation or right to go beyond the secular law and not allow the child into school? What if they are a community school and not purely private?

8. If a Rav paskens that vaccines are safe based on a few trusted sources without listening to doctors on the other side; and then someone is injured or dies from a vaccine they took based on his Psak, is the Posek chayav to pay for damages?

9. Nedarim 81a: R. Yosi says you can use water to prevent (an unlikely) illness vs. giving to someone who has no water because Chayecha Kodmim. Chachamim agree if not enough drinking water for both.