Appendix B (cont.) Scientists and Doctors on Vaccine Harm


One of the many doctors who has been vocal about the problems with the way vaccines are tested and approved for use is Israeli Dr. Gil Shahar.

While not ideologically opposed to vaccines, he is aware that there are risks, risks that the public has a right to know about and for which they should legally be able to give informed consent. Vaccines, he says, are a medical procedure just like amniocentesis, tonsillectomies, and such. Informed consent means that you are not only told the benefits but also all of the risks, including those of all the individual ingredients in the vaccine and have the right to accept or decline vaccinations.

Unfortunately, in Israel [and the US] there is no informed consent when it comes to vaccines. Here are some of the facts about vaccines he believes the public needs to know about vaccines but which is being withheld from them:

1. Each vaccine, besides the antigen, the virus / bacterium, or parts of it, also has preservatives, and
some of them contain adjuvants to stimulate the immune response. These materials can be
formaldehyde, aluminum, DNA and other fragments of aborted human embryos, and more. Some of
these substances are defined by the world’s health authorities as carcinogenic substances or
substances which can damage the nervous system.

2. The vaccination program in Israel (and in the rest of the Western world) has never been examined in
any controlled clinical trial compared with an inert placebo, nor have the various combinations of
vaccines that are routinely administered at the same visit.

3. (You will find it hard to believe it, but it is true!) None of the vaccines targeting children 0-2 years
currently available in Israel has undergone random, double-blind, controlled clinical trials comparing it
to a real placebo.

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