Appendix I – Dr. Paul Offit on Metzizah B’Peh and Bris Milah


One of the physicians at the forefront of vaccine development and promotion is Dr. Paul Offit.

Aside from his conflicts of interest – Dr. Offit sat on the committee that approved adding the rotavirus vaccine to the schedule at the same time that he was in involved in developing a rotavirus vaccine of his own (and had filed an investigational new drug application); he received millions from the sale of royalties.

Dr. Offit is vehemently opposed to Metzitza B’peh and wrote about it in his book Bad Faith: When Religious Belief Undermines Modern Medicine.

“…many people disregard modern medicine in favor of using their faith to fight life-threatening illnesses… and ultra-Orthodox Jewish mohels
spread herpes by using contaminated circumcision tools.”

In 2017, Paul Offit was interviewed for an article in a local NJ paper on herpes and metzitza b’peh regarding the Lakewood community [emphasis mine]:

“Establishing a protocol governing oral suction circumcisions in Lakewood might be difficult if not impossible, said Dr. Paul Offit, a professor of vaccinology and pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, who said he’s in favor of banning the ritual entirely.

Paul Offit is the person Rabbonim are being told to listen to with regard to vaccine facts.

Offit, who is Jewish, comes from a quasi-religious home; he has siblings who are frum but he is a proud atheist and would like to abolish Bris Milah.