Appendix N – An Open Letter to Poskim who demand vaccination


It pains me greatly to say this. A significant percent Klal Yisrael’s Emunas Chachamim has been severely damaged. Not because of your Psak. But because some of you won’t even listen to the other side.

I know of people who are being Moser Nefesh to arrange meetings between Rabbonim and doctors who can explain the other side; if only to understand and appreciate the pain
their fellow yidden are suffering.

B”H most Rabbonim have expressed an interest, or at least a willingness, to hear the other side. And learned a lot. Most Dayanim understand that you can’t Pasken without
hearing both sides.

Inexplicably, some Rabbonim are not willing to meet with those doctors. Or they grudgingly agree to meet but are antagonistic, disrespectful, and are clearly not willing to
even listen (the chillul H’ in these cases is beyond description). Additionally, there are many reports of people coming to ask Shailos respectfully and detail their concerns.
There are too many reports of Rabbonim not listening to their concerns.

To be Dan L’Caf Ze’chus, I will assume that either doctors you trust, told the Rav that those crazy “anti-vaxers” will never change their mind so don’t waste your time speaking
with them. Or perhaps you met some vaccine skeptics who did not have all the facts straight and you believe you know all they have to say.

An Open Letter to Poskim (Cont 2 of 3)

In one extreme case, people brought doctors to explain the other side, the Rav turned his chair to face away from them and said you have five minutes.

Another Rav humored doctors and legal experts by pretending to listen but barely paid any attention.

The sinas chinam, mesira, Lashon Harah, Shalom Bayis issues, etc., are directly related to your P’Sak that “you must vaccinate”. You may not intend for these consequences;
but they are occuring.

If this is the only page you read, at least see “Why don’t Doctors see this?” why doctors are simply not qualified to provide expert guidance on this topic. It is a toxicology issue
and they are simply not trained in toxicology. Perhaps take the time to research before Paskening. Also, because 1 in 5,000 may not be enough for a doctor to notice, “statisticians, not doctors, are the only good judges” -Alfred Russel Wallace 1904

With all due respect to doctors, you are relying on the wrong set of experts

An Open Letter to Poskim (Cont 3 of 3)

As mentioned, askanim are able to arrange for Rabbonim to meet with doctors and experts on this subject.

If the frum community is similar to the greater American community, up to 30% are vaccine skeptics and around 10% don’t vaccinate.

There is a significant (hidden due to persecution) segment of Klal Yisroel that is in pain. It is vital that all Rabbonim that are Paskening on this topic understand where all this is
coming from. If you know of any Rabbonim who have not yet been reached and you can send them my contact information, I will do my best to arrange for someone to contact them to arrange a meeting with doctors.

R. Dovid Morgenstern (Ramat Shlomo), R. Fuerst (Chicago), R. Moshe Meir Weiss, R. Akiva Tatz, R. Efrem Goldberg, R. David Shabtai MD, R. David Niederman, R. Shlomo Brody, R. Uren Reich, R. Schabes, R. Yair Hoffman, R. Asher Bush, R.Henoch Shachar, R. Hershey Ten, R. Yitzchok Fingerer, R Shay Tahan, R. Pinchas Goldschmidt, R. Yaakov Forchheimer, R. Hauer, R. Simcha Bunim Cohen, R.Yaakov Horowitz.