Appendix J (cont.) – Why don’t Doctors see this?

    • Dr. Boyd Haley, PhD:
      • “Having taught biochemistry to medical students, and talking to hundreds of doctors, they get very little training in toxicology or biochemistry. They don’t understand it at all. They are not trained to evaluate the toxic effect of chemicals, especially at the research level. And certainly pediatricians don’t.” (at2:30 min.)
      • There is a belief that we all grew up with, and of course know to be true, that the smallpox and polio vaccines saved us all.
        • As will be addressed briefly later, I discovered to my surprise that it is a debatable assumption. But either way, it appears that this strongly held belief seems to blind people, and particularly doctors, to any risks related to any other vaccine. It’s as if we owe vaccines a debt of gratitude because their vaccine cousin saved us 50 years ago.
      • Measles cannot be eliminated even with 100% vaccination so all outbreaks will inevitably scapegoat the unvaccinated, which is what is happening now.
      • If this information is found to be true, doctors stand to lose a lot of credibility