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The discourse on this topic seems to have gone off the rails. No one seems to be listening to each other and sinas chinam, lashon harah, and much suffering is going on.

This site is dedicated to a rational and reasonable discussion of the topic.  No derogatory comments allowed.

How I went from indifference to cautious investigation

  • Initially I didn’t pay much attention to the whole issue.
  • I was vaccinated as a child and I vaccinated my children. I have neighbors who did not vaccinate. Nice people even if a bit different (didn’t give their kids soda, ate organic, sprouts, etc.).
  • Once I saw kids being kicked out of school, and understanding how damaging that can be long-term, I started to network and reach out to some vaccine skeptics to gather more information and to try to understand where they are coming from.
  • Turns out that there is a segment of vaccine skeptics who are not typical; they’re into all sorts of alternative health things that I really don’t know anything about.  And there are some who are into conspiracies that are difficult to believe (I admit to not having investigated them).
  • But I was surprised to find the majority are actually well educated and articulate. And they presented me with a lot of science-based information. It was hard to digest it all and took me quite a while to get through much of it.
  • Certainly some of the claims I was hearing did not make any sense, and upon investigation I saw they are not true (e.g. Bill Gates did NOT say that he was vaccinating for population control). But just because some claims are unfounded, doesn’t mean that they are all wrong. So I researched further.
  • I was definitely not going to fall for the logical fallacy (the Genetic Fallacy) that information is not valid just because the source is not considered credible. I would evaluate each claim on its own merit and not based on my perception of the people who believe it or even the website where it is mentioned.
  • I tried to select links that represent what thoughtful and intelligent people are seeing that is leading them to be skeptical of vaccine safety and efficacy. I do not fall for the leftic tactic of delegitimizing the other side by calling everyone who disagrees a “conspiracy theorist” and by ignoring vaccine skeptic websites that rely on science-based arguments citing legitimate references and sources. YouTube videos are as credible as the people who speak.
  • Pro-vaccine arguments are well known. This document focuses on the vaccine skeptic case to determine if it has merit.

Next Steps…

I make no claim to have expert knowledge on these matters and am simply searching for clarity with the goal of improving Shalom. It is a complex topic and therefore parents must have a right to follow the medical advice of the doctor they choose for this area of health.

If you have any corrections to suggest or any information or modifications that would be helpful, please comment on the home page or email: rodef.shalom.613@gmail.com or leave a message at (414) 751-0001.

If you are a Rav or doctor who would like to speak with medical professionals familiar with this topic, or to arrange to meet with parents of vaccine-injured children, I might be able to facilitate a meeting.

Please join the conversation and help to resolve this issue in an amicable manner.  IY”H, achdus will bring Moshiach so we no longer need be concerned with illness, truly the ultimate solution.

Rodef Shalom 613

Rodef Shalom 613

Rodef Shalom 613